Skulpturenpark Köln

KölnSkulptur 4 - 2007-2009
Participating artists
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Thomas Scheibitz
Thomas Scheibitz
Sylvia Stone, 2007
glass, steel, plate

Monika Sprüth / Philomene Magers, Berlin/London
represented at KölnSkulptur 4
At the 2005 Venice Biennale Thomas Scheibitz (b.1968 in Radeberg near Dresden) was one of the two artists in the German pavilion. His career as a sculptor began in 2002 as a logical extension of his painting into a third dimension. His subjects come from the most varied areas of visual culture; architecture and nature, classical painting and comic book serve as sources of inspiration. Borrowed forms are however not quoted directly, but stripped of their original contexts and meanings and relocated in the border zone between figuration and abstraction. In this way Scheibitz's transformation suspends the familiar in a state of uncertainty.