Skulpturenpark Köln

KölnSkulptur 5 - 2009-2011
Participating artists
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Christina Doll
Christina Doll
Vivi, 2007/09

Galerie Michael Janssen, Berlin
represented at KölnSkulptur 5
Christina Doll (b. 1972 in Cologne, Germany) specialises on a rather neglected genre in contemporary art: full-figure portrait sculpture: After many years spent creating miniature, finely detailed porcelain models of friends and acquaintances, the sculptor has now turned to fabricating monumental sculptures from cast concrete. Vivi, who in the Skulpturenpark Köln welcomes visitors with a sympathetic, slightly self-satisfied smile, belongs to a series of over-sized representations of people. By shifting scale and abandoning porcelain miniatures, the artist has swung to the other extreme: Vivi, a woman only 1.47 metre's tall, was transformed into an over 3-metre high concrete sculpture. Apart from Vivi, four other figures form part of this series, which are also distinguished by their size and the direct representation of physicality. Her subjects do not conform to our conventional concept of beauty as Christina Doll is drawn towards looks and appearances lying beyond the norm. She confronts the viewer - directly and ineluctably - with his own image of the human form.