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KölnSkulptur #6
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Manfred Pernice
Peilanlage Forelle, 2003
Concrete, metal, ceramic

Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Neu
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The three-dimensional objects by Manfred Pernice (b.1963 in Hildesheim) recall architect's models or articles for practical use, often with a central element missing. They are spaces, or rather they create spaces that open up new levels of meaning somewhere between architecture, design and artefact. The "best known unknown artist in Berlin" mainly works in materials like cardboard and wood. The size of his works varies from a few cubic centimetres to room filling constructs, to which he attaches photos and written material. These quotations from reality tend more than anything else to confuse, for the actual realisations of the conceptual structures are autonomous, provisional mock-ups, and their salient characteristic is ambiguity.