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KölnSkulptur #10
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Bernard Voïta
Bernard Voïta
Green Memories, 2011
Steel, varnished

Courtesy of the artist
Supported by the Sparkasse KölnBonn and Michael und Eleonore Stoffel Stiftung
represented at KölnSkulptur 6 7 8 9 10

Bernard Voïta has created a secret place in the park, already expressed in the title Green Memories. The sculpture itself does not tell of these memories; it is only highly charged with those from the artist’s mental world. The work is a miniature replica of a public pissoir as it exists in Paris. In its location near the boundary line to the busy traffic of the Riehler Strasse outside of the park, the ambivalence of an intimate place in the context of the romantic park grounds provides a contrast to public city space.


Bernard Voïta lives and works in Brussels.