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KölnSkulptur #7
Participating artists
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Tamara Grcic
Tamara Grcic
Birds in the Tree, 2013
Nest boxes, oak, different materials

On loan from the artist
represented at KölnSkulptur 7

Tamara Grcic has invited new guests into Cologne’s Sculpture Park; she has installed nest boxes in the crowns of two plane trees, which can now serve as breeding places for the bright green parakeets that fly freely around Cologne. One conceptional part of this work lies in the idea that allows the birds’ colorful plumage to contribute to the ‘kinetics’ of color and form in the Park. A second concept plays on the alienage of these birds in our northern clime, since such parakeets are not native to this continent. Finally the work’s sculptural component is expressed in the five nesting boxes that the artist carved into their present form.