Skulpturenpark Köln

KölnSkulptur 1 - 1997-1999
Participating artists
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Giuseppe Spagnulo
Giuseppe Spagnulo
Turris, 1997

Brandstetter & Wyss, Zurich
represented at KölnSkulptur 1
The sculptor Giuseppe Spagnulo (b.1936 in Grottaglie/Tarento d. 2016 in Mailand) stemed from a family of potters, and as a student ( Accademia di Brera, Milan) was assistant to L. Fontana and A. Pomodoro. In the 1960s he worked in wood, stone and terracotta; in 1968 iron becomes central. He produces the Ferri spezati (1968-72), slashed and stressed geometric forms, and the Pavimenti or ground sculptures (1976). After the Venice Biennale (1972) and documenta 6 (1978) he grew in international esteem. Archaic production techniques, as used by blacksmiths and potters, and numerous references to myths and archaeological features lend his work a high level of symbolism and appeal.